Someone prodded me to say something about myself 🙂

My blog posts show my basic stats and interests fairly well.

Demographically: I’m a woman, of European descent, born and living in New Zealand. I have two adult children, which implies my age, which is enough. I have spiritual beliefs (Pagan) and I am also a skeptic, which means I blame the gods for whatever phenomena I don’t understand, like quantum physics and life, and I know they don’t care.

What do I do? (I don’t like this question – most people mean “how do you make your money?”, and I think it’s more meaningful to describe how I spend my money.) I have done various martial arts since about 1981 (currently systema), various dancing since about 1990 (currently bellydance fusion / cabaret), circus since about 2007 (adagio acrobatics, strong woman, clown), couchsurfing host since 2008. I studied a BSc in Cell Biology, capped 1988, and have a Grad. Dip. Arts in Ethics and Social Philosophy. I also have a Diploma in Herbal Consultancy. I have worked as a software test analyst since 2005, and have some strong natural abilities, but have only really started developing as a tester since 2014. (Yes – my studies have nothing to do with IT, which is where I ended up.) I am a Humanist, a LARPer, an anarchist, a performing artist and apparently a budding blogger.

If you want to know more about me, to determine what my biases and other human frailties might be, I get that. Here are some facts about me that colour my views, and will probably cause more questions than they answer.

  • I consider myself a warrior-philosopher-clown.
  • I believe that I might register in the autism spectrum (high functioning) if anyone cared, but people weren’t being so classified when I was at school.
  • I had a weakness for narcissists, who apparently find me a useful tool, and have learnt how to recognise the signs and get away, fast.
  • I have lived through a crippling spine injury that taught me some very valuable lessons in pain tolerance, alcohol as a pain-killer, threat distance and how to function without sleep – my lower spine is now fused, which means no more pain, and I only have a couple interesting quirks remaining to remind me.
  • I am not close to my family, I think I made a lousy parent, and I admire people who have built strong families.
  • My greatest fear is that of betrayal by those I love, and my best friend is a Satanist Russian male stripper. I don’t know if I have any other fears.
  • I have close connections to people who work in the sex- and adult-entertainment industries, and I respect them and support what they do. Sex work is work.
  • I only accept someone’s authority when they have demonstrated it to my satisfaction.
  • I am quite non-competitive, and would rather play an entertaining game than one purposed to win. I do not fight in competitions.
  • I love NZ, and I recognise that we have lots of room for improvement in our political and cultural attitudes to gender, home-ownership, personal responsibility, immigration…
  • I’m really good at creating things and destroying things, and really bad at maintaining things.

Hope that helps 🙂



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