Welcome to my Storybook

I have so many stories to tell. I want to write about the wonderful things I have learnt from couchsurfers, the way some books have changed the way I see the world and other people, the hard lessons I have learnt along the way, my thoughts and ideas, my ethics, stories that will make you laugh, some that may make you cry (tho believe me, I have no intention to hurt anyone with this), and some that I hope will make you think.

How I remember things, what I remember, how I interpreted things that happened, what I chose to take from experiences – these are all personal, subjective, possibly flawed or biased. I don’t like to lie, but sometimes, if I deem a thing irrelevant or sensitive, (where the full truth would harm), I won’t tell the whole truth, either. If you read a story that you were a part of (I’ll use pseudonyms) and you remember it differently, even taking the above into account, this will be because no two people will ever experience a single thing in the same way. If I had an identical twin (I don’t) and we both wore the same clothes, and went for the same walk, and bought the same icecream we would still experience different things eating that icecream. Perhaps my twin, glancing over my shoulder, will see something that makes them feel sad, while I’m seeing a happy scene. Our perception of the enjoyment of the icecream will be different. Our icecreams will melt differently, and I will probably end up wearing some of it (as usual). My twin might be better at keeping their clothes clean. My experience will include exasperation while my twin gets to laugh.

This is why I call these pages “stories”. While it’s hard to dispute that I went to Hawaii, what I brought back from the trip in my head is my story. I will give you the argument I painstakingly constructed to prove my ethical theory. Feel free to challenge my thinking. I’ll give you stories of what I’ve done with the intention of following what I believe to be the best course of action. These are certainly open to analysis.

I like these quotes (all not mine): “opinions are like assholes – everyone has one”; “blogging is graffiti with punctuation”; and “a minute’s conscious reflection is worth a lifetime’s blind devotion”. I will try and source ideas that are not mine, reference things to look at to verify, validate or get different points of view and cross reference to other things I write so you can see if I’m consistent or not. I don’t want to give you my opinion and expect you to soak it up like a sponge. I’m a sceptic, including (especially) of my own beliefs! Anyone who accepts another’s perspective without engaging their discernment is asking for disaster. Even people with the best of intentions can unwittingly misrepresent a topic. Please, think. Especially if you really like something I say: just because I validate what you believe doesn’t make it true.

Finally, please bear with me while I work out the structure of this blog. So many stories are connected I imagine it will be hard at first, at least, to be consistent in my categorisation.

Hope you enjoy, or at least, build something valuable in yourself from these stories.


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